It's Spring! Understanding Colds And Flus. Let's Cleanse!

It's Spring!!!.... Have you had a cold, the flu or even body aches recently? Or even everyone around you getting sick? Well, this is a good thing, it really is. It means your body is working hard to detox. In the winter our bodies go to hibernation mode. We store toxins, allergens, and reactive foods. We store these foreign bodies in different areas such as in our joints or our fatty layers. 

Then when spring arrives, our bodies respond to the additional light just like plants and animals in nature do. Our energy increases which stimulates our bodies to wake up and process the winter congestion. This accumulation over time can become inflammatory.

Another factor which can cause us to have colds is stress. It affects our strength and resistance which in turn causes viruses to take over. 

The most important way we can help our bodies is to support our liver. One of the critical thing our liver does is detoxifies chemicals. So optimizing our liver is crucial. What helps our liver?.... Milk thistle, dandelion root and lots of water. Liver loves  movement and laughter too. 

The other most important aspect in reducing colds and flu issues is supporting the immune system by taking anti-inflammatory herbs eating anti-inflammatory foods. An additional support is by de-stressing with rest, relaxations and and plenty of good nights' sleep. Massages help in relaxation.

Keep you digestive system moving well and picking up the accumulation of food and bacteria ridden residue. Magnesium is great for the flow. Eating a high fiber diet will cleanse the intestinal walls. (or pure fiber such as psyllium taken daily). I also would suggest bentonite clay or activated charcoal. 

Lastly and most importantly, eat a diet without grains, starches and sugars.

I would focus on this cleanse including the diet for 14 days. 

Additionally to this cleanse is meditation and cleaning your house. Basically tuning into your emotions will help release traps and blocks. Toxic thinking gets trapped in the body like chemical toxins. Regular meditation of  "Where's my anger" will help us see the places we are stuck and in pain. Sending love and light to these places will help release the chemical toxins which were held by the emotional pain. 

Why clean your house? For example cleaning out a closet is macrocosmic to cleaning out our bodies. It's like an amplifier for the internal. Anything macrocosmically helps the microcosmic and visa versa. 

If you would like to purchase a cleanse kit, please contact me I will have them in my office. The Whole Body Integrative Cleansing System by Integrative Therapeutics.

If you have extra sensitive digestive system we can modify the kit.

Good luck and healthy living.