How To Heal Our Back

What's Being Held In Our Spine?

Awareness and growth is essential for thriving in this life. What we bring attention to, wakes up changes and healing for ourselves. I'd like to share my insights and understandings of the spine. 

The back of the body can be a place we put things we don't want to look at whether it too painful, don't have time to address it, or it's confusing. When pain involves the spine it's reflecting core issues. It can be as deep (or old) as past lives, childhood, generational, or genetic components. And as we know all physical issues have an emotional, mental and spiritual component to them. Be sure you are not blaming yourself or others for the pain uncovered. 

Where is your pain? Is it in your neck? Behind your heart? Mid or lower back? So many of us don't know exactly where in the spine it's coming from, whether it's a vertebrae or a disc. As we work on ourselves we can become more precise in many aspects of the pain. 

Let's start with areas of the spine. In general, stiffness refers to inflexibility and judgement. We all have these aspects but let's go beyond our rules. There is good judgement as in identifying (understanding) a person and bad judgement as in righteousness. How ridged are we in our beliefs? Are we willing to embrace or do we put walls for protection?

The neck: Connecting to our higher self, foresee the direct to go toward and stubbornness. Stubbornness in a negative way direction. Let's go to listening and understanding other points of view.

The upper back: How we reach out to others with an open heart. The willingness to take in life. Our protection from heart breaks. Acknowledging the real impact of feeling hurt toward rejection.

Mid-back: Our value and where has it been compromised in our past. Do we really see ourselves, as in our darkness and our beauty? Our mission on earth, our fears and frustrations. Our balance, have we developed a practice of working longer hours rather than taking the time to rest, recover and recuperate. Just to stop and feel.

Lower back: Seeing the support we receive in our lives. The clarity to make decisions. How do we feel around sex and sexuality. 

Sacrum and coccyx: Power struggles, trust and betrayal, Old pain and old anger.

Were we embraced or rejected by our family (or community) at birth and young childhood. 

Here's how we can help our backs emotionally, spiritually and physically

We will  continually make the commitment to develop strength and flexibility. By doing this, it creates emotional strength, conviction, and empowerment. AND a receptivity to life.

ME: To help open and relax the spine energetically and to translate what the spine is saying. 
Back strengthening exercises.

Yoga, to build strength and flexibility.

Chiropractic work. For adjustments of the vertebrae.

Acupuncture. Clear, Balance and heal.

An Inversion table. Can help with opening the spine on a continual basis.

Massage. To relax the muscles. 

Meditation. To see and understand the attachment to the pain.

Western Medicine: Testing to see whats actually going on and our final options.

 Looking forward to hearing from you and hearing about your progress.