digestive disorder

Digestive Disorders are complex and deeply affect the whole body. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in my early twenties. I have managed and worked on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of this particular disorder. The last 6 years have been incredibly enlightening due to resurgence of this digestive disorder in addition to small bowel infections and leaky gut. It has taken me several years to resolve such a complex and deeply rooted disease. With my in-depthspiritual growth and profound insights, I understand digestive disorders in a more encompassing way. I have experimented and experienced many different modalities, supplements, herbs and medications to find the right combinations. With this being said, I have done in-depth homework on this topic and know many shortcuts for my clients. Zeroing in on the priorities for healing the gut. Understanding the gut and the emotions, spiritual issues, and life lessons adds to a more complete healing.