1. The Renaud Effect Intensive, Novice Training Program
  2. The Renaud Effect intensive, Level II Training Program
  3. The Renaud Effect Intensive, Advanced Healer Training Program
  4. Conversations With A Medical Intuitive
  5. Past Life Regression- Healing Through Our Lives
  6. Working With a Spiritual Teacher
  7. 25 Solid Ideas To Growing Your Business



Conversations with a Medical Intuitive

A Transformational Evening

What is a Medical Intuitive and how can one help you?......

Susan’s story of how her gifts were unveiled. Hear her personal account of healing and growth. She will demonstrate and explain her insights and how she uses her gifts.

This is a group healing experience!

And live demonstrations with volunteers from the group.

The gifts you can expect to receive are:

  • Learn how your physical body manifests the spiritual responses to your life.
  • You will discover and free the hidden tension from your body and mind.
  • A feeling of peace and a sense of warmth
  • Come discover yourself!  

Past life regression - Healing Through Our Lives

In a casual living room setting take an amazing and intentional journey safely guided by Susan. Uncover your connections from other lifetimes to be understood and healed. Susan has worked for 10 years with her profound gifts, one of which is a deep and nature connection into other realms and dimensions. She assists you to bring forth your own connection into these other worlds.  

A 3 hour 3 part past life regression.

  • First is past life regression
  • Then a visit from your guide
  • Lastly, future life progression.

Working with A Spiritual Teacher

You are invited to an evening with Spiritual Teacher Susan Renaud to explore your inner path and what it means to work with a spiritual teacher. Come ask all the questions you were afraid to ask!

  • What is a Spiritual Path?
  • You are on a Spiritual Path already!
  • Why work with a Spiritual Teacher?
  • You will flay faster and further!
  • How to be with a Spiritual Teacher
  • Saying Yes! (no matter what)
  • How to deeply trust!

25 Solid Ideas To Grow Your Practice

Lets talk about Groupon & Social Media, Networking, Walking &Talking.

  • How do we talk about ourselves? You are your best salesperson!"
  • How do you come across to your potential clients?
  • Understanding your customers' thinking and how to pique their interest.
  • Susan describes what works in promoting yourself in such a competitive and highly unusual field.
  • Demonstrations and roll playing.

Susan brings 22 years of experience building & running her own businesses in various fields in Hawaii, California, Rhode Island & Texas. She has been recently traveling to Spain and Eastern Europe, where she’s been well received by these communities. She will brainstorm with us on what works in promoting yourself in such a competitive and highly unusual field. She'll lead demonstrations and role playing. You will come away with strategies, a business plan & renewed enthusiasm about promoting your special gifts and living your life on purpose!

"My love for people is my core desire to enhance the life of others. The combinations of experiences, skills and love for humanity deepens my empathic ability and provide the most powerful experience to propel you in your life’s process."