One of the most fundamental human questions is, "Why do I have to suffer?" While for each person the answer is different, the universal reason is to find a way back to love, no matter what. There is a divine purpose to our lives, and that purpose is to find love, and to find love, we must know and love ourselves.

We tend to fight pain with all our might. When we feel pain, all we want is for the pain to end. However, if we are able to seek and find clarity regarding our pain, we can suffer less, experience more freedom, and discover more peace. 

With every pain comes an opportunity to change and evolve as a person. That's where I come in. I help explain pain and peace as a process and as players in our lives. I am able to understand my patients' individual pains, share insight on why they are experiencing the pain, and work together with my patients to restructure their cells by removing the trauma entrenched within the body, and rebuilding peaceful vibrations.

Pain has layers, and the more intent you seek to heal yourself, the deeper the pain you ultimately must feel until you can begin to peel the layers and finally be free. As much as we all detest pain, it's also more familiar and easier to us than examining ourselves and trying to practice a different relationship to ourselves and our bodies. 

With time and practice, greater peace and relaxation can be attained. This, to me, is healing.