Letting Life Nourish You

There are so many ways to intentionally restore your vitality. Many people believe taking supplements, exercising, resting and eating right will help with your energy. Although much of this is true, I mostly have discovered it still isn't enough. My method with practice, is quicker and easier ......... Can you believe that? 

It is about INTENSION that we create throughout our day. Our activities such as eating, breathing, moving, and just by "being" in existence is where we can "receive" all nourishment to revitalize our souls. We can receive from life even more than we can imagine. Yes it's all about our PERSPECTIVE. Also another important piece of the puzzle is connecting to the vitality in our environment which brings in energy and nurtures us. 

During my day, I am usually channelling and "hands on" working with people, I go into a different energetic space, where nothing else matters and I feel an endless source of love and energy. Whereas, if I'm preoccupied, dealing with traffic, at home preparing dinner, or just getting to the grocery store, I'm sluggish.... This is what used to happen. I was drained and barely could make it home. Sound familiar????? 

Being in our hearts and living through this place makes everything we say, do and even THINK will change our energy. What if we make everything including the most mundane activity a spiritual experience and letting the "fire' of life enter. 

Intension: Lets start by making a conscious intension at first. You can start with a meditation or announcing to the universe "I am ready to receive all of what life has to offer". Take action by stopping and taking in everyone's love (the universe's love) and the power of nature. The life force of the growing grass, the action of the waves, the breeze and the pulse in the air.

Food: Seeing food differently: Looking at it as feeling its essence, taking in the vital source from the soil. The birth and its growth, it took from the sun, water and magnetite from the land. 

Exercise: Find your own rhythm for breaking down and building your bones and muscles. Each person has their own way of exercising, they're cycle of exercise and intensity. Again most importantly the intention matters. What if you were to say "I'm taking in the vitality and life and releasing my pain" before you exercise. It does make a huge difference to your body's mechanisms. 


Most importantly, the universe is always there to support you and the key is to find your way to access it. I know it sounds easier than done, I understand. Setting the intension, knowing the support life offers, practice, seeing deeper into ourselves and nature will bring in strength.