"Thank you Susan. After the appointment, I initially felt very spaced out and it took awhile for me to get grounded again. Then in the ensuing days, I was emotionally "active" -- I felt like I had had some kind of a big therapeutic breakthrough, although I couldn't put my finger on what it was exactly. I just felt different. I also felt much more intuitive. Overall, it was a very positive experience and I'd like to do it again."

~ Nancy, San Rafael, CA

“Susan is a wonderful sweet person and her approach creates a deep sense of trust. When she has worked on me it is from a great distance of 3000 miles away. I feel her powerful energy has assisted my healing with immediate results. She has worked on my knee, liver, kidneys and lower back. Susan will also explain with accurate detail what is going on inside my body and the changes which have occurred. She is amazing.”

~ Oriel, Spiritual Teacher

“I’m in California and She was in Hawaii. One day I had a severe headache which she was able to help me and stop the pain just by thinking about me. Another time when I was with her, she placed her hands on my arm and instantly pulled the pain out of my sore arm.”

~ Shiroko Sokitch, MD Heart to Heart Medical Center

"With little experience or knowledge of remote healing, I contacted Susan with a medical emergency.  From Texas she walked me through simple questions and exercises and within minutes my pain had disappeared.I consider myself very healthy, but I now recognize the power of this level of healing. Working to enhance my health with Susan has been the greatest gift. She's a well kept secret! I'm not sure how long that will last!...She has the ability to see inside the body, find the imbalances and weaknesses and work with them exactly as needed. I don't know how she does what she does. All I know is that I recognize the phenomenal impact it has on me each time. The results are clear."  

~ Sara Lahey

“The first sensation on starting my session was warmth coming from her hands before she even touched me. Once she started actually using her hands, I felt many hands touching me in different areas, I never experienced anything like this. I had been suffering from very intense pain and immobility in my right arm and shoulder. Susan gently worked that area and I literally felt the bone and ligament shift back into its place n the socket. What a relief to have my pain eliminated.”

~ Camille, Spiritual Teacher

“I can not begin to explain all the healing that occurred....I can see the bigger picture now and know the truth. The work that Susan did on my surgical area of my back, the surgeon was surprised at how  quickly it had healed.”

~ Rachael French, Covington, KY

“Susan is amazing diagnostician and healer of emotional problems that are trapped in the body. I had a cramp in my foot that had lasted for two weeks. Within minutes, Susan helped me cue into my body and find the origin of my problem: I was afraid to fall in love because I didn’t want to be hurt. Susan intuitively felt the need to “scare” me. With my permission, she set a blast of healing energy to my heart that went zinging through my hands and feet clearing my fear and allowing my heart to open up and love! Not only did my foot stop hurting, my relationships have opened to new level of intimacy and commitment.”

~Dr. Sandy Peace, Psychologist and Marketing Professional