How To Shift Pain... Quickly?!

Pain is an amazing communicator yet we don’t speak it’s language. So how do we understand this language and how can we maneuver through pain more quickly? Whether the pain is physical, emotional or spiritual in foundation, here are a few points to focus on and practice.

Pain is telling you, I feel “HURT”. It can be a belief we adopted a long time ago (as far back as infancy and birth), chronic, or as current as an injury. 

1. Water: Drink plenty of water. Most of us live our lives dehydrated, drink a gallon of water a day (in general). Your pain can reduce within a few minutes after drinking two big glasses of water. 

2. Meditate: Breath work and relaxation within the meditation first, then become mindless. Slow full breaths, longer on the exhale. Then check in with your body starting from your feet and feel up through your body to release any tension. Being in practice of meditating helps to go into meditation efficiently and relaxation comes quickly and with ease. 

3. Become mindless: Don’t think about anything (easier said than done). Just breathe. Ask the question to yourself “Where do I feel hurt?” (Not the physical place of pain)

4. Let memories and emotions float through.

5.Be the observer. No judgementYou are watching memories, thoughts and yourself as an impartial bystander.

6. Relax in the pain: When we are in pain, we tend to breathe shallowly, hold our breath, become motionless and tense up muscles. Intensionally breathe fully. Slow deep breaths expanding ribs, chest and belly. 

7. Talk yourself through the relaxation process starting at feet. Check in all the way up through your body, muscles, joints, spine and head.

8. Crying: is a great way to release pain. When we are in the process of crying, there is movement of the emotional pain. “What do you feel while you are crying?” 

I understand when we are in the middle of our pain, it’s hard to step away from it to be the observer. I also understand that what I am discussing is easier said than done. I myself have had my struggles to find my way through these barriers and each person there will be walls to hurdle too. Doing a practice regularly will help create a pattern in us to be able to jump into when we are most hurt.

Chronic pain? There’s hope.There are always new options including in Western medicine, Chinese medicine, Energy work, bodywork, float tanks, ozone and light treatments, peroxide injections and healing mats (crystal and magnetic matts). Be persistent and don’t ever give up.


Why exercise? When we exercise our adrenaline starts pumping, we create endorphins which helps with pain. There are so many benefits to exercising such as building endurance and durability.

Why yoga, stretching or core classes? Certain yoga styles like restorative or yin yogas help with stretching, opening and lengthening the body. Waking up ligaments, tendons and muscles.  

Finding guidance: This is so important to find a mentor, a guide, spiritual teacher to help with spiritual awareness, practices and growth. They can see who you are and support you with love and compassion. 

In a medical intuitive reading, the body is divided into section, left, right, upper lower, and zones (chakras). Here are a few keys to certain issues within different areas of the body.

Spine: It’s core, has deep roots to childhood and infancy. Core beliefs and interpretations of life. Holding tight and close, meaning will not share this with others.

    1. Kidney area:  Fears, for example growing up with volatility in the household. The adrenals, which sit on top of the kidneys, stress producing fight or flight response. PSTD.

    2. SI joint: Where the spine meets the crest of the pelvis.Your support system. Interpretation in what you feel or think support should look like versus a new, profounder more encompassing support.

   3.  Neck: Your connection to your higher self. Will versus willfulness. hopes, desires, and communications.

    4. Right Shoulder: Finances, how to get along in this world. Age adjustment with your job and activities. Present day. 

    5. Left Shoulder: Personal, setting boundaries, self criticism and acceptance of others’ criticism. Being hard on yourself and standards to high.

The emotional and spiritual aspects which can come up during mediation: Abandonment, loneliness, rejection, self loathing, unworthy, betrayal, Hopeless, grief, unseen, unloved. These are just a short list of the pain we carry. This is a short list and with every issue there are many facets and other spiritual and emotional pain will show up.

This is a small glimpse of what can happen in a session. Feeling safe and supported makes your awakening gentler.