Foundational Information about Intuition

The last newsletter was about Developing Your Intuition, Practices And Games, I shared some great information about exercises and activities to grow your intuition. Here are some great foundational information about intuition. This message is about clarifying and sharing more details about this inner sense. And why I recommend certain exercises (and practices) to understanding the inner you. 

The definition of Intuition is: “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. The power of gaining direct knowledge with our evident rational thought or inference.”  Wikipedia

Direct perception of truth independent of any reasoning process. Your inner voice, gut instinct, or just a feeling.

Psychic: “It’s channeled deeper information from the third eye. It builds upon intuition and provides more clarity and insight, usually with more details. This maybe provided through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircogniance and clairgustiance”. The Little Sage.

An extrasensory perception. (ESP)

Everyone is intuitive. Everyone senses through an “energetic” level in their bodies. Our brains tend to be louder than our sense of “feeling” for many reasons. So now we are bringing back listening to the intuitive sense. Don’t let the brain override your feeling.

When we tap into the place of listening to our bodies and our feelings we help heal it. Our whole foundation of comprehending life comes from the abdomen. When we tighten it, or lock it down, we block the reception. When we are not clear what’s happening in front of us, confusion and turbidness set in. We develop a belief to survive we must listen to our minds and not to our guts. Digestive issues develop due to the development of mis-belief. 

The upper abdomen is about ourselves, our ego, our love for self, and are doing what we need to do for ourselves as a priority. The lower abdomen is about our relationships, trust, survival, beliefs, rebirth and creativity. 

Now to return to our inner sense and develop trust within ourselves. When we do this we face illusions and ill-fitting beliefs. “What we thought was, is not” Lets clear the cloudiness and understand self so it will become easier to feel clearly. 

There are many ways to develop your intuition and many ways to see yourself more clearly. And practice builds trust in one’s self.


1. More clarity of self.

2. Observing feelings of self and others.

3. Understanding the bigger picture of our existence.

4. Practice.

Understanding the bigger picture: This is about the deeper insights of an event or relationship. There are many answers, it’s not just one aspect or view. For example: A woman was mauled by a dog. In an instant, life threatening injuries in a traumatic and dramatic way. She survived. She always asked why did this happen and why her? Then we talked. It was about immediate Karma and healing deep life long (many life times) pain. Her energetic option was to go through 7-10 years of cancer, treatments and remissions. She cleared so much in one horrifying trauma, releasing so much pain in a moment. Now she doesn't see this event as something was done to her, she sees it as getting through a massive healing. She became so much more confident and free. This is one small example of the bigger picture of the human existence. 

What to do when we come up with a memory during meditation. Does it appear benign? Lets look at it as an observer. Look at it again as though it’s someone else’s memory. Still benign? Most likely not and now we process. 


  1. Hurt
  2. Pain
  3. Anger
  4. Understanding
  5. Compassion
  6. Forgiveness



  1. Find a teacher, guide, or mentor. This is the faster way. Do you have someone to show you who you are? The beauty, the amazingness, your gifts, and your darkness, 
  2. Let life be your teacher.
  3. Meditation. There are hundreds of ways to meditate and find the ones that fit you best. Be open to seeing the pain in your heart. What’s real and observing self objectively.  
  4. Being an observer and having guidance is a great combination. The guide directs you and also awakens places in yourself.