February 9, 2016

How Does your Body Talk To Me


Everyone's body has a pattern, a path with twists and turns. For every section of your body there is a group of emotions, spiritual meanings and of course the physical issue. For me, reading an individual is a blend of an intuitive gift and using several systems (or modalities). 

Even though each person is custom designed and wired differently, we all share these commonality within the zones. (Some call them Chakras) Then each organ has it's own meaning and the relationship to the zone. Take for example the Spleen, Medical Intuition is about obsessing and Chinese medicine its about worrying and thinking. Additionally my understanding of the spleen is about our own motheringness to ourselves and our value of self, self love and self care. 

Then the empathic and intuitive piece comes through. What do I feel (sense), a knowingness, or an actual feeling in my body about the pain and how to see the amazing growth and it's meaning. Then how to heal it.

Then the last piece is about you as an individual. What in going on in your life to affect this area of the body. For example, when we are starting to go through changes in our lives whether its menopause, job, relationship... our bodies know it before we recognize it in our brain. Typically the two organs to be initially affected are the liver and the spleen. Liver which stands for living life, your mission on earth and are we doing it (liver also is about forgiveness but not in this matter ...yet). Then I will go to the lower part of the body such as knees, shins, and/or ankles. this relates to our history and childhood. Most of us the right side of our body stands for the outside world, finances, masculine and hunter, forager, gatherer. The left side is about the internal world, feminine, heart side. The left leg relates to our mother and our learning experience from her. And right leg is about father and how we learn to handle life on this planet. When there is an absent parent, it is another person who fills that role. How did our parent affect our lives, how did they handle changes, and deal with their emotions.  


Everyone is different in so many ways and so similar all at the same time.