Encapsulated rapid karma. What does it mean? Let's take the word Karma first, it is about your destiny. It comes instantly or over lifetimes. It is a cause and effect cycle. Some people have intense karma whereas others seem to have a charmed life. Then there are many of us who fit into the multitude of levels in between. 

The next part of ERK-ing is lucid dreaming or what I used to call awake dreams. Lucid dreaming is being present in a dream. Knowing, managing, and directing the dream. To activate this place we can practice through meditation or self hypnosis. Other ways would be to take medications or special herbs. 

Then we have healing events throughout our life whether its intentional as in a therapeutic session, planetary movement, or just letting life teach us. Later when we go to bed, nap or meditate dreams erupt. A feeling like you are participating in a dream. Personally, I will dream of people from my past and/or present life. Some rare instances I will tap into a past life. There's a sense of I am me but a different me. My appearance and/or my emotions are altered.

ERK-ing is about processing emotions, events, relationships, and painful moments in our lives which we don't have time to "deal with" in our daily routines. There is also a detachment to it too, as in, it doesn't feel like it belongs to us or it's outside of us. 

ERK-ing happens naturally. When my dreams changed, it was about 15 years ago. My intension was to connect to my intuitive and psychic self. What I didn’t realize is, it also meant connecting to my own healing. Over the years it has supported my life and the changes I’ve gone through. 

Once when I was meditating, “where’s my pain” which was a typical mantra at the time, I felt this crushing squeezing pressure on my right side of head and right shoulder. Then my whole body felt it. I realized I had visited my own birth. My thoughts about my mother, her pain, and who I “needed” to be in this life. And that is where the origin of a certain belief came in. 

These days my ERK-ing dreams come randomly at night through my dream time. 


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