The Renaud Effect Includes:


Advance Level Healer Training to develop and deepen practitioners'  training on a deeply intuitive level. Develop their own psychic connection and grow in their own lives. I am a Master Healer of The Renaud Effect

Past Life Regression Guide Safely assist individuals and groups through a meditative regression process. With discussion of the life changing healing involved. Acknowledgement is 40% of the Healing process.

Hands on Energy Healer This technique has never been done by anyone else. Cells change instantly and high speed of healing happens.

Medical Intuitive To see microscopically in the body and initiate healing instantaneously. Discuss the physical, energetic, spiritual level and how to heal and move on.

Remote HealerThis one of my strongest most powerful tools I utilize.” All levels of healing are focused on. Practitioners call for readings on their patients physical and psychological status.


Offering 4 Different Programs

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  • Training Healers and Advanced Training

  • Past life Regression

  • Getting Healing done on you

  • Tuning in to your Intuition