Susan assists you in your healing process by utilizing her incredibly powerful gifts: Connecting energetically to start the process. Then continue to channel vital information to progress your healing.


The best and easiest way to explain how her healing works is: She can push and manipulate your energy to shift from pain to recover and growth. Her gentle loving approach leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalized in your life.


As a Medical Intuitive, she sees inside your body microscopically. It is at this moment she creates the powerful healing connection. You will instantly feel a calmness and a relief from your pain.


Her Hands Of Healing is direct, immediate and powerful.  Either simply holding your hand or going deep into the layers will reveal the mysteries of your heart’s desire.


The moment she thinks of you The Remote Healing process begins. Deep and amazing conversations reveal the maze of physical and spiritual connection. From these revelations creates immense spiritual growth. Your soul expands and the layers of pain fall away.


Susan has many more gifts and avenues to facilitate your healing. You have a custom designed healing program which will include any of the following: